Milan is in Vogue

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Milan is in Vogue – W. T.

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Fashion is a material form of culture which has taken on a pivotal role in our society since the mid-twentieth century. But fashion has always been tied to the aesthetic and ethical values and to the expressive and artistic forms of each era. It’s an instrument that shapes bodies and suggests the standards of beauty. It’s a form of identity able to communicate messages, express social conformity or the very desire to change it. Our Milan is in Vogue Walking Tour offers a captivating interpretation of the multiple dimensions the fashion system has generated in Milan, from the birth of prêt-à-porter in the aftermath of WWII to the stylists who made Milan one of the world’s fashion capitals. You can develop your own original itinerary and follow it to your heart’s content, trusting your personal taste and aesthetics.


Free download OpenCITY App and buy the Walking Tour – activated through the code you will receive. Follow the virtual expert taking you to the discovery of the most beautiful and evocative places in the city. You will manage all the routes autonomously, having the chance to interrupt them or listen to them repeatedly. Even at home.

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