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Around with Lisa

Starting from: 2.00

“Around with Lisa” is a Walking Tour with Lisa, a very distant relative of Leonardo, the genius who painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper in Milan. Lisa is the friend in the cell phone taking the boys to a very surprising tour, to the discovery of the most beautiful stories, legends and curiosities of Milan.

Fashion Experience

Today Milan is a big modern city, that keeps evolving. Here the cultural turmoil and the entrepreneurial spirit create a wide range of activities within the fashion, design and food industries, thus combining tradition and originality. These industries have been able to better read the concept “opening”, a cultural approach that produced the Milanese Renaissance.

In Search of the Forgotten Truth

Starting from: 3.00

A fragment of the Ancient Knowledge, a Forgotten Truth hidden within a compelling Adventure on the boundaries of Time, to be sought out and found by solving Enigmas in extraordinary locations throughout Milan.

OpenCITY Jeans

OpenCITY Jeans


OpenCITY Jeans: the basic formula, good for all pockets, to find out a new way to visit and enjoy Milan. An innovative and exclusive experience that will make you the real protagonist of your free time, eased by the chance to move thanks to the city transportation services. The Card also includes the access to 1 Adventure and 1 Walking Tour of the OpenCITY App.

A Walking Food

Starting from: 3.00

In a city like Milan, where everything has a unique, modern taste, food is no exception!

Angles of Light

Starting from: 4.00

This Walking Tour is dedicated to all the photography lovers who want to take a look at the city from exciting new angles and perspectives.

In the Heart of the City

Starting from: 2.00

This Walking Tour will accompany you as you discover the three emblematic squares of the city of Milan: Piazza Duomo, Piazza della Scala, and Piazza dei Mercanti.

Go to link: Milan Pitch Black

Milan Pitch Black

Starting from: 4.00

Witches, monsters, ghosts and haunted places, on an Adventure that often stretches the boundaries of reality. Amid history, whispered truths, and grim legends, a dark and unknown Milan exclusively for the brave.

Go to link: On The Hunt For The Milanese Cuisine

On the hunt for the Milanese Cuisine

Starting from: 5.00

7 typical Milanese foods, linked to 7 Enigmas to be solved in 6 extraordinary locations. An original culinary Adventure with an unpredictable pathway, in the company of a mysterious and competent Guardian of the Order.


OpenCity Card Milan

89.00 79.00

It is the key opening all the gates inMilan and allowing you to discover its most amazing and mostly unknown attractions.